Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour offers complete, thorough and honest mortgage advice. It is in our interests to ensure we give you the best advice possible so that you are satisfied with our service and become a life long client.

Our professional mortgage advice is also aimed at making your financial decisions easier by putting everything on the table for you to consider and understand. It is our theory that the better your understanding of financial concepts, the easier you will find it to make informed decisions.

In a lot of circumstances, you may not be able to consider alternative ideas or even consequences to certain decisions like we can because we have many years experience and have been through most situations to know the outcomes of certain decisions. We will use our experience and knowledge of outcomes during our time together and offer them up for discussion and consideration so that you are always well informed.

We believe in our role to advise you to the best of our ability. For example, the lowest interest rate products are not always the best product fit for a client and we will advise accordingly when we will fell it is the case. On the other end of the scale, mortgage products with all the bells and whistles that come with higher end interest rates may bring features to our clients that are not necessary and would never be used and we will advise accordingly.

However, with all this being said our mortgage advice is our advice only and ultimately all decisions are up to our clients to make and we are here support our clients and respect their decisions and their associated strategies. We certainly will not push you into any decisions or directions that you are not comfortable with and we will guide you towards your end goals.

We are flexible with our meeting arrangements and can meet you at a location that suits you and at time that suits you, be if after hours during the week or some time on a Saturday or Sunday.