Imagine finding the car of your dreams and being able to walk into the car yard and negotiate price because you have already been approved for finance. Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour provides an extensive range of car and vehicle financing to suit the needs of the wonderful people of Coffs Harbour. Just like our home loans, we can provide a range of options on car loans and very competitive interest rates from our large range of lenders.

We have helped many Coffs Harbour residents and businesses with their car finance requirements over the years and are experts in providing the right product to suit you. We know how important it is to get moving quickly on car and vehicle finance and we certainly won’t waste anytime getting you approved.

Our specialties include the following types of car finance;

Personal Car Loans

A personal loan may or may not be secured by a vehicle allowing you to go shopping for any type of car you desire. Note that the interest rate will be higher if the loan is not secured.

Commercial Car Leases

Used by businesses to have use of the vehicle although the vehicle is still owned by the lender. Typically there is a monthly lease payment then at the end of the lease there are various options including a lump sum payment to own the vehicle, a trade-in or trade-up option, or an extension of the lease.

Chattel Mortgages

Another business product, the chattel mortgage is a product where the business owns the vehicle and it is mortgaged by the lender. The vehicle is used as security by the lender and the interest is tax deductible and the GST component of the purchase is usually claimable if the business is registered for GST. These are very popular with Accountants.

Bad Credit Car Loans

If you have a bad credit rating, don’t stress, we can find options to help you get finance for your vehicle. There are options out there for people with a bad credit rating so it’s possible to still get car finance Coffs Harbour, however you’ll most likely pay a higher interest rate and the vehicle will need to be used as security. You are still required to be working for someone or self employed for a minimum of two years.


For businesses that already own vehicles and are looking for a loan for whatever reason, a popular product on the market today is called a leaseback. This is where your ownership of existing vehicles can be used to get finance to be used at your discretion. Vehicles need to be unencumbered, be in good condition and not too old.

Call us today, and we’ll quite happily provide you with options and quotes for your car financing needs.