Why use a mortgage broker?

Just like you’re an expert in your industry, we are experts on mortgages and are well informed about the loans (products) offered by major and minor lenders on the market today.

However, because we use not just one lender but multiple lenders, we are not biased or do not favour one particular lenders’ products. This helps you get the best mortgage for your situation available on the market.

Most importantly, because we’re already in the know, this saves you your valuable time by not having to do the research yourself. In other words, you’ll save hours of time by using our services and potentially lots of money.

How much does a mortgage broker cost?

For most applications, our services are free to you because we get paid by the lender. However, in some complex commercial applications and some residential applications, we will charge a service fee to cover our costs and time.

It is our promise that we will let you know upfront if there are going to be any fees and charges once we know the nature of your circumstances.

Why should I use you?

Our expert mortgage broker, Martyn Williams has countless years of experience in the finance industry. Martyn is dedicated to seeing your application through to a successful solution.

What does pre-qualified mean?

Providing you are familiar with your current financial situation and your partners if applicable, we can give you an idea over the phone in about 10-20 minutes if you will be approved for the loan you’re after.

I don’t have much of a deposit, is it still worth speaking to you?

Yes, absolutely. We may be able to help you in ways you might not be aware of. For example, Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) can help borrowers get into a property with a smaller deposit than normally required.

Alternatively, you may have other assets which could be used that you are unaware of.

It’s helpful to talk to us even if you’re in doubt.

What documentation do I need?

We’ll let you know based on your enquiry what you need in terms of documentation. However, normally you will need proof of income – payslips, group certificates, bank statements proving savings, credit card statements, and any proof of ownership of assets you own.