A commercial loan can be used for a wide variety of reasons including the purchase of an existing business, the setup of a new business, business premises, business expansion, the purchase of equipment, working capital, and much more. Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour has access to many different lenders who offer competitive commercial loans and with various options to suit more complex situations.

As you would expect, a commercial loan can encompass a huge range of needs and requirements. Most commercial requirements differ from one client to the next and require a unique solution.

There are many different products on the market that fall into the commercial category and we most definitely recommend seeking the advice of experts in this area to avoid any costly mistakes.

Many products offer similar options to residential loan products, e.g. fixed or variable interest rate, low doc, redraw facility, etc., however being of commercial nature there are often many fees and charges to be aware of. Sometimes these are not so clearly spelled out by the major lenders.

A major component with commercial products is the security for the loan and there are many options and requirements for commercial security. Most lenders will use residential property for commercial security which often makes the loan process easier. Other security options may include commercial or rural property, or business assets.

We are experienced with commercial products and can draw on a wealth of knowledge to create a solution to the most complex of situations. Our consultant will spend time with you to discuss your requirements and listen carefully to determine what’s important to you. Following our consultation, we will do our research and our homework to find the best deal to meet your needs.

There is a lot of work in finding the right fit and we pride ourselves in not taking any shortcuts. We will look into every available option to get you the right solution.

Our service includes handling the application process, so that you’re left to continue doing the work you need to do. We will process all the required paper work and lodge the applications on your behalf – we deal with the lenders so you don’t have to.

We are flexible with meeting arrangements and can meet 7 days a week or after hours during the week. We’re also happy to consult via telephone or email.